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PECKO has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in delivering creative solutions for our clients, providing contract manufacturing services and value for their operators for 40 years. You came to the right place if you need the right build for the first time – on time!

Why Pecko?

We know OEM’s have many choices for these services, so the real question is Why Pecko?

Small and large OEMs that have collaborated with us remind us that our expertise, dedication, efficiency, managing and simplifying complexes and essentially how we do it are what separates us from each other – and brings high quality and efficient solutions to the global market to achieve competitive advantage.

Comprehensive operation

Complete service is Arimon. With designs, layouts, fabricability, equipment, samples, prototypes, including rapid prototyping and short-term development before complete production, our expert engineering and design team supports. For real “key-size” solutions, including component procuring, kitting and personalized pacing, and full stock management programs, we provide thorough verification, test, and certifications (Kanban, JIT, VMI, and custom stocking programs).

Get the first time – on time! Get built correctly!


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