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Wire & Cable Harness Assembly

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Electrical Wiring Harnesses

Pecko uses the experience we’ve gained over 70 years within the wiring harness assembly industry to deliver custom wiring harnesses built on time and right the primary time!

We stock an outsized and diverse inventory of wire, terminals, and components for wire harnesses from all the industry leaders, including Tyco / AMP, Molex, Packard, Delphi, Panduit, and plenty of more.

Complex wiring harnesses
Wide range wire sizes (26 – 3/0 gauge) and wire styles, including PVC, cross-link, braided and braidless silicone, rubber, Teflons, heat mica, and special constructions
Continuous wire marking, inkjet, and hot stamping
Convoluted split loom per your specifications
Ultrasonic welding
Automatic state-of-the-art cut, strip, and terminating equipment to make sure accuracy
Wire harness build boards with 100% electrical continuity testing
Mating wiring harness test boards for lower volume wiring harness assembly
Prototype & Engineering Team, including engineering and sample building for design validation
Comprehensive verification, testing & certification
Offshore manufacturing available for top labor/volume OEM wiring harnesses
Dedicated work cells to handle seasonal or sales demand fluctuations

Pecko manufactures a large type of custom wiring harnesses, including large and smaller quantity wiring harness assembly, for several industries and applications.

These are just some of the numerous forms of custom electrical wiring harnesses
Pecko manufactures for OEMs worldwide:

Construction equipment wiring harnesses
Foodservice equipment wiring harnesses
Medical wiring harnesses
Industrial equipment wiring harnesses
HVAC equipment wire harnesses
Power supply wiring harnesses
Agricultural equipment wire harnesses
Electromechanical wiring harnesses
Electronic equipment wire harness assembly
Military wiring harnesses


Pecko could be a full-service electrical wiring harness contract manufacturer with dedicated program management support and an experienced design and engineering team to help with concepts, layout, tooling, manufacturability, samples and prototypes, including rapid prototyping and short-run manufacturing.

We offer complete supply chain management support for true “turnkey” solutions, including worldwide component sourcing, kitting, custom packaging, and inventory management (VMI, Kanban, JIT, and custom stocking programs).

Our state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous testing and quality standards ensure 100% quality tested wire harnesses. We’re able to detect any defective wire or cables instantly before equipment is broken or production time lost, additionally as checking for contact isolation and resistance thresholds.

Electrical Cable Assemblies

Custom transmission line Assembly
PeckoNeed a custom transmission line assembly contract manufacturer you’ll be able to count on?

Pecko! With 70 years providing OEMs custom wiring harnesses and cable assemblies, we’ve gained experience and expertise to induce it right the primary time – and our commitment means you’ll have it on time, every time!

With many choices for cable assembly contract manufacturing services, learn why OEMs worldwide choose
Pecko for his or her custom cable assemblies.

Full Service

Pecko manufacturers custom cable assemblies to 3/0 gauge and is experienced with a good range of cables, including multi-conductor, D-sub, and flat ribbon cable.

We stock an outsized and diverse inventory of cable, terminals, and components for line harnesses and cable assemblies from all the industry leaders, including Tyco/AMP, Molex, Delphi, Panduit, Packard, and plenty of more.

Pecko may be a full service custom cable assembly contract manufacturer with capabilities to serve both large and smaller quantity needs.

Simple to complex cable assemblies
Design and engineering to help with concepts, layout and manufacturability
Prototypes and samples for design validation, including rapid prototyping and short run manufacturing before full production
Automatic state-of-the-art cut, strip, and terminating equipment to confirm accuracy
Ultrasonic welding
Full-scale supply chain management for true “turnkey” solutions, including component sourcing and inventory management (VMI, Kanban, JIT, and custom stocking programs)
Custom packaging and kitting programs
Comprehensive verification, testing and certification
Offshore manufacturing available for high-labor or high-volume cable assemblies
Dedicated work cells for seasonal or sales demand fluctuations
Effective program management

You’ll find
Pecko transmission line assembly solutions all told varieties of industries, applications and equipment worldwide.

Medical equipment cable assemblies
Battery cable assemblies
Industrial equipment cable assembles
Construction equipment cable assemblies
Foodservice equipment cables
HVAC equipment cables
Ribbon cable assemblies
Power supply cable assemblies
Agricultural equipment cable assemblies
Material handling equipment cable assemblies
Electronic & computer cables
Appliance cable assemblies
Military cable assemblies